Cotswold Starter Packs - machines, coffee & accessories all-in-one deals


Great value Starter Packs for yourself, or as a gift!

We love to bundle - and provide some great value coffee & accessories with our machines.

What is a 'Starter Pack'?

Our Starter Packs are a varied bundle of coffee and accessories which accompany our new coffee machines. We believe our customers should not have to buy all the extras when they purchase a machine - so we have created our Starter Packs, which mean you open your machine when it arrives, and you also have all the coffee and necessary accesories for that machine to make wonderful coffee straight out of the box.

Of course, we will sell you the machine on its own if that's what you want, but our Starter Packs are such great value compared to buying each item separately, our customers rarely purchase a new coffee machine on its own. Below we have a list of all the best-selling Machine Starter Packs we have at the moment. Please note that all our Keurig® starter packs are now available at our Keurig® dedicated website at Stateside.Coffee

Keurig® K-Cup® K140 Starter Pack

Our best selling domestic/small office machine - comes with a huge variety of starter pack options with prices starting at less than a couple hundred pounds. Go for the basic start-up pack which includes Green Mountain® or Starbucks® pods at a knock-down price, or add all manner of extras, including Frother's - and even a Pod Carousel!

Keurig® K-Cup® K150 Starter Pack

The Keurig® K150 hand-filled machine is more expensive than its smaller brother (K140), but is a good-looking, gourmet addition to any kitchen or business. Robust and complete with a touch sensitive LCD screen, it comes with a huge variety of starter pack options which includes a special base for the machine to stand within. Go for the basic start-up pack which includes Green Mountain or Starbucks pods or add all sorts of extras.

Fracino® Piccino Starter Pack

This hand-fill espresso machine is perfect for the home or office - using ground coffee to produce high-quality espresso drinks. The extras we have thrown into this deal mean that you can be your own Barista at home, right from unpacking the box. We have even included a grinder, so you can use beans and get that fresh coffee taste and aroma..