Cotswold Barista Smooth

Our best Barista beans with an even smoother, velvety finish

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Taste profile for Cotswold Barista Smooth

If you like you coffee to have that velvety texture, then our Barista Smooth beans are what you're looking for. Full bodied, just like out standard Barista beans, they also enjoy a rich, chocolately sweetness.  The sweetness tends to linger afterwards, providing a very satisfying flavour right through the cup, but with an exquisite finish.

These beans are made with 100% Arabica beans, and are best compared to Starbucks Pike Place on the high street, only smoother.  Barista beans are popular for creating long coffees, as when milk is added, the full bodied nature of the beans still allows their rich overtones to still come through. 

Roast Strength