Lavazza® BLUE LB4702

The Lavazza Blue is a serious piece of commercial coffee equipment for busy coffee shops. 2 group machine from top-spec manufacturer.

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More details about the Lavazza® BLUE LB4702

This Lavazza LB4705 is a serious cafe and restaurant machine producing extremely high quality espresso based coffees, usually in a commercial environment.

In hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs and towns halls, the LB4702 is a robust single or double serve espresso machine built to Lavazza's exacting standards and using the very top quality Italian coffee.

This capsule based system operates exactly as a ground coffee or bean to cup system would, but is much cleaner and for those who wish to produce high quality coffee quickly and cleanly, this is the machine which will give you professional Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Espresso. 

This machine has been tested in several environments and found it to be extremely durable. The capsule loader is straightforward and the milk steamer/frother  and hot water arms gives the user the ability to create wonderful continental style drinks in a professional manner. 

The LB4702 comes plumbed in, so you never have to worry about filling it up.  Stateside Coffee will be happy to come to your premises and plumb the machine in on your behalf - usually at no extra cost.  If you are in a soft water area, then the machine has a lime-scale removal mode as well - or we can provide a filter mechanism if the problem is severe.

Every Lavazza LB4702 machine we provide comes with a 24 hour maintenance service which sees your machine fixed or replaced.

This machine is a proven espresso maker for small to mid-range commercial operator and is backed by the Lavazza brand. It uses Lavazza BLUE capsules. 

Lavazza® BLUE LB4702 Service and Supply

Cotswold Coffee provide this Lavazza machine on various finance options. The Lavazza LB4702 is available from Stateside Coffee on a free-on-loan rental basis.  This ensures that should there be any problem with the machine during the contract, you will receive a maintenance call and fix or replacement within one working day - essential if you are serving espresso based coffees as part of your business.

Our standard rental agreements last five years, during which time your coffee capsules will be supplied by Stateside Coffee at an agreed contractual rate. Alternatively, you can rent this machine from as little at £25 per week and order your capsules as you require them.

These Lavazza BLUE machines are made specifically for commercial use and are very robust.  But if your machine should malfunction, you have our peace of mind 24 hour return and fix/replacement promise.

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