Keurig® coffee machines - for your home or your business


Keurig® Pod-based K-Cup® coffee machines for use in the UK

These coffee machines are for use with Keurig® K-Cup® pods. A huge success story in North America, one in eight Americians start their day with a K-Cup® coffee. These are the first Keurig® machines to hit the UK, are completely CE compliant, great for the home (see our videos) and robust enough for your business too.

These brewers and pods are so popular, we now have a website dedicated to our range of Keurig® pods, Brewers and products - called Stateside.Coffee.

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There are over 20 different K-Cup® pod varieties to choose from

If you are buying a machine, consider our starter packs - which come complete with discounted K-Cup® pods...

Prima Barista Italian Roast - a deep, rich roast - there is 2grams more coffee in this pod!
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Green Mountain Hazelnut - one of Keurig's® flavoured coffees - vanilla is also popular .
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Starbucks Pike Place - High St. coffee shop comes to your home or business! These are just like the your favourite Starbucks
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Twinings Breakfast Tea - choose from breakfast, Earl Grey or Green Teas.
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