Guaranteed products and service at Cotswold


We have a full set of guarantees

We guarantee all our products and our service quality..

Small Business Coffee Machines


We provide guarantees with all our brewers. Guarantees vary between machines and brewers - your guarantee will be stated either on the website listing, your contract or you may contact us for further information. Please note that all the brewers and machines featured on this website are for business use only.


Each pod/coffee pack is sealed to ensure the coffee stays fresh, and a 'use by' date of between six and eight months, depending on the type of coffee. The coffee rarely goes off prior to opening, but if you should encounter a box/pack/pod of our products which does not taste as you would expect, you may return it to us. We will credit you with the value of the box off your next order.

As with all foods, you should keep your coffee away from excesses of heat or cold, store it in a clean/safe place and use all fresh coffee within 2 weeks of opening, and ideally sooner.


When you buy a Starter/Gift Pack from Cotswold Coffee we will pick your machine and your selection of coffee the same day. If you order before noon (12-00am), your Starter Pack will be despatched the same day for signed-for delivery the next working day. Orders received after noon are delivered the following working day. Coffee only orders follow exactly the same delivery schedule. Our working days are Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and seasonal holidays.

Postage and Packing Queries

Although our website holds a lot of information about our products, there may always be that question you wish to ask. We are a bricks and mortar company, as well as having our website, so between office hours of 9-00am to 5-30pm we are available to answer any queries you may have about buying, our product range, or simply wishing or order by phone.

Our Helpdesk is manned by John and Felix - both of whom have a deep knowledge of our products, and will be able to assist you in finding the products which are right for you. Call 01789 491800 to speak with them.

Commercial Coffee Machines

Virtually all our commercial coffee machines can only be bought by contractual arrangement, therefore the terms and conditions of purchase, repair, replace and ingredient provision will be covered in an agreement provided to you when you request a quote for the machine.