Introducing Cotswold Coffee's range of
unique beans & ground coffees


Cotswold - a trusted coffee brand

Our Cheltenham, Oxford and Warwick branded coffee beans are chosen, blended where appropriate, and roasted to exacting standards. We stand proudly by our own blends, which we have supplied to our customers for over 20 years. We provide our roasts as beans or freshly ground coffee for filter and/or cafetieres.

All our beans and ground coffee is supplied in oxygen-free foil packs, ensuring the first and last bean or scoop of ground coffee in the bag, retains the quality you expect from a premium coffee.

Cotswold Cheltenham

Our Cheltenham blend is selected and roasted to provide a medium roast coffee which is perfect for everyday use. It is at home as a breakfast coffee, but equally deep and satifying enough to provide an after-dinner kick of zesty acidity. Cheltenham is our best-selling roast, used both commercially and in the home. There are two varieties - Mild and Strong - which started being sold just in the Cotswolds, but today you are just as likely to come across this blend in Scotland or Devon!

Popular with our domestic customers, Cheltenham provides a very satisfying coffee, but most likely you will have first come across this brand when visiting coffee shops, cafe's, restaurants and hotels, where it remains a firm favourite with their clientele.

Available as:

Cotswold Cheltenham Strong (ground bags)

Cotswold Cheltenham Mild (ground bags)

Cotswold Cheltenham Blend - (ground packs)

Cotswold Oxford

Cotswold Oxford is perfect for those who like a deep, full-bodied coffee which has a lingering aftertaste. This rich, powerful coffee is only available for filter and cafetiere's, as it was created with this purpose in mind. Oxford is our most popular blends domestically, reflecting the current popularity of dark coffee's in the high street coffee shops. There are two varieties - Mild and Strong - but we also have a special Cafetiere grind.

A favourite with coffee shops who are looking for a competitor to the global coffee brands.

Available as:

Cotswold Oxford Strong (ground bags)

Cotswold Oxford Mild (ground bags)

Cotswold Oxford Cafetiere (ground in packs)

Cotswold Oxford Blend - (ground packs)

Cotswold Warwick, Java, Barista and Espresso beans

We have a group of roasts, particularly available as un-ground beans which are for those individuals and businesses looking for something less mainstream.

Cotswold Warwick provides a medium roast, but with a hearty aftertaste, popular with hotels and restaurants, available in handy 3 cup/cafetiere bags. Meanwhile our Java Blend beans are a single origin bean which very dark, rish overtones.

Our Barista, Cafe Fresco and ranges of Organic and Fairtrade beans provide a good range of choice when it comes to trying new roasts.

Available as:

Cotswold Warwick (ground bags)

Cotswold Cafe Fresco (beans)

Cotswold Java Blend (beans)

Cotswold Espresso (beans)