Coffee machines - for your home, at work,
or as a commercial revenue stream


Quality Domestic & Commercial Coffee Machines

We have a wide range of coffee machines, both for the home and at work. Whether its a home pod machine, a coffee-lovers bean-to-cup machine, or a large, commercial machine, we have the right option for each environment. To view our machine prices for Keurig at home, register now, it only takes a minute. For the larger, more complex commercial machines you may request a full quote.

Bravilor® Esprecious

The Bravilor Esprecious range of machines combines the bean-to-cup quality with the ability to add other ingredients like milk and chocolate. Coin operation also available.
from £Quote per machine

Bravilor® Novo

The Bravilor Novo as a straightforward pour and serve filter machine, ideal for the home or small offices, salons, nail bars etc...
from £330.00 per machine

Bravilor® Iso

The Bravilor Iso is the Novo's big brother, allowing for a 2 litre vacuum flask which ensures piping hot coffee at all times.
from £340.00 per machine

Bravilor® B-Series Range

The robust Bravilor B-Series range of machines are for environments requiring large scale quality coffee provision such as restaurants & hotels.
from £Quote per machine

Fracino® Piccino Espresso Machine

An excellent machine for the home or small office. Quality bean-to-cup coffee maker with grinder & milk add-ons.
from £960.00 per machine

Fracino® Bambino

An excellent machine for the small office, with 1 or 2 group. High quality UK Manufactured espresso maker for commercial use.
from £Quote per machine

Fracino® Contempo

A robust, Uk manufactured commercial espresso machine range which provides up to 4 Group capability.
from £Quote per machine

Jaguar 2-Cup Brushed Steel Cafetiere

Stylish brushed steel long-life cafetiere - two cups per brewing. Holds 400 ml.
from £20.00 per cafetiere

Jaguar 3-Cup Brushed Steel Cafetiere

Stylish brushed steel long-life cafetiere - three cups per brewing. Holds 900 ml.
from £25.00 per cafetiere

Jaguar 4-Cup Brushed Steel Cafetiere

Stylish brushed steel long-life cafetiere - four cups per brewing. Holds 1200 ml.
from £30.00 per cafetiere

Keurig® K150 Brewer for K-CUP® Pods

A step up on the Keurig® K140 machine, but still suitable for home or work. Comes in hand-fill or plumbed versions.
from £Quote per

Lavazza® BLUE LB4702

The Lavazza Blue is a serious piece of commercial coffee equipment for busy coffee shops. 2 group machine from top-spec manufacturer.
from £Quote per machine

Lavazza® BLUE LB4705

Perfect pod machine for any small office, cafe or home which seeks to produce high quality espresso.
from £Quote per machine

Nestle® Alegria Range

An excellent range of entry level commercial machines. Quality soluble hot drinks for bars, clubs and smaller enterprises.
from £Quote per machine

Nestle® Milano Range

Highest quality soluble coffee from commercially robust machines. This range from Nestle delivers coffee-shop grade drinks quickly and easily.
from £Quote per machine

Nestle® Lounge

Nestle's top of the range commercial machine which delivers impressive styling with superb quality hot drinks which will impress in taste and operation.
from £Quote per machine

Stateside Espresso S

Bean-to-cup mid-range commercial customer vend machine from Stateside, capable of producing 120 espresso based drinks an hour.
from £Quote per machine

Stateside Elite S

Mid-range soluble ingredient commercial machine from Stateside. Perfect for small to mid-range business wishing to have customer self-service vending.
from £Quote per machine

We have a range of coffees for each machine we sell

Whether it's our own high-quality roasted beans, ground coffee or coffee pods, we have the right coffee to go with your way of making coffee...

Coffee beans - our tried and trusted Cotswold bean roasts, plus a few choice alternative brands as well.
View beans

Filter coffee - a range of ground coffee for your filter machine, including our own Cotswold brand.
View ground coffee

Cafetiere Coffee - simple but high quality domestic coffee making.
View cafetiere coffee

Keurig® pods - a huge range of coffees and speciality drinks.
View Keurig® pods