Lightly Roasted Cotswold Coffee Beans

These Cotswold Coffee beans will provide a light, breakfast or early evening level of strength. Please note that each bag of beans may come in sizes varying from 250g to 1kg.

Cotswold Barista Smooth

Our best Barista beans with an even smoother, velvety finish
from £16.35 per pack

Cotswold Decaffinated Beans

Smooth and chocolatey, a sublime decaffinated light roast.
from £9.11 per pack

So why not try our 'Light Roast'?

A lightly roasted bean will deliver a more delicate flavour, and virtually the same dose of caffeine of a darkly roasted bean.

Roasts are determined by what are referred to as 'cracks'. Basically the more cracks a bean has in its outer shell, the darker the drink is said to be. When the coffee cherry is picked, the bean in the center is green, tasteless, and soft. Roasting is the key to flavour.

As the bean roasts, it will harden. Our light roast beans are removed from the roasters before they reach the first milestone — in other words, before the first crack. Any bean roasted with a crack is probably verging on a medium roast. However, just to complicate things, it can depend on the source and type of bean (Arabica or Robusta) as to when that first crack happens!

Use your coffee beans wisely - get grinders and coffee machines from Cotswold

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