Cotswold's freshly ground coffee for
Cafetieres - home and catering sizes


Cotswold Cafetiere Coffees

Our ground, cafetiere coffees for the home, plus larger volumes for caterers, hotels and restaurants. Popular three-cup sized foil-fresh bags, or try our best-selling Oxford Blend in 500g bags.

Cotswold Oxford Cafetiere

Our best-selling cafetiere coffee, medium roast, a blend which has been popular for over 20 years.
from £7.30 per pack

Cotswold Colombian 3-Cup Cafetiere

Cafetiere coffee, from a blend of Colombian beans - rich, yet mild flavour with less acidity.
from £42.40 per case

Cotswold Decaffinated 3-Cup Cafetiere

Medium roast Decaffeinated coffee pouch for 3 cups. Well balanced coffee ground for cafetieres.
from £52.70 per case

Cotswold Java 3-Cup Cafetiere

Java coffee especially for Cafetieres. A 3-cup pouch producing a rustic, deep flavour with balanced finish.
from £45.65 per case

Cotswold Cheltenham Blend Cafetiere

A rich, smooth, fruity full on flavoured medium roast
from £4.82 per pack

Cotswold Oxford Blend Cafetiere

Dark, rich and intense with mellow acidity and a sharp finish
from £4.36 per pack