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How often do you leave the office to get a coffee?

It's 10-30am, time to spend the next 15-20 minutes of your life walking, queuing and parting with up to a fiver...

A trip out to the local Coffee shop costs businesses more than just the coffee...

DATE POSTED: 27/04/2016

Does this sound ridiculous to you? Or do you regularly turn your back on the free coffee available in the office to go out and buy a coffeeshop beverage?

Where I work, it simply isn’t an option, I’d have to jump into my car and drive a mile or two to my nearest coffee shop, which seems a bit extravagant. However, recently published research suggests that a growing number of office workers are prepared to leave the office to go in search of their preferred hot drink of choice.

Getting up from your desk and walking around is something advocated by many, as we are not designed to spend long periods of time sat in one position. Besides the fact that there are probably a host of health and safety points wrong with our desk set up! From an employers’ point of view, it has to be worrying that up to half your staff may be taking a break from the office to fetch a coffee.

Recent research found that 53% of office workers who took part in the online questionnaire, are doing just this. Assuming that it takes 15 minutes to go to your preferred coffee shop and buy a drink, with 20 employees in the office, you could be losing up to 2.5 hours a day to this ritual. This multiplies up to 625 hours a year assigned to non productive activity - that's nearly 16 weeks of wages spent on fetching a coffee!

How does that change the cost effectiveness of your choice of hot drink? When you factor in £8-10k of wages compared to the cost of a kettle and a jar of instant coffee in the 'good-old-days', there is a strong case for enticing your staff to remain in the builting! How much more revenue could you generate with an extra 16 weeks’ of productive time – or perhaps an additional 4,000 outbound phone calls, or even an extra 80 email campaigns created and activated?

If you think that this is happening where you work, please get in touch with me for a conversation about how to keep your staff in work - by keeping them refreshed and envigourated with a range of quality hot drinks, without having to leave the building and head to the High Street.

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