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Cat Coffee Mornings and other Coffee Shop escapades...

Fancy organising a coffee morning for cats - yep, you read that right - the newest craze in the K-Cup drinking North America is for bringing cat owners, and their cats together for a pow-wow over their favourite coffee.

DATE POSTED: 25/02/2016

Attendees of the 'Purina Cat Cafe' get to learn about all aspects of feline ownership and a startling array of speakers and demonstrations are there to help owners get the most from the 'pop-up' cafe.

The cat cafe concept started as a promotional event from Purina, one of the largest cat food brands in the world, but has started to branch out - so as along as the alliteration can handle it, expect to see a Doggie Drinkies and Barista Budgies heading your way soon.

You can learn more from the Purina website.

But if you want to take an even more tragic look at what can happen in your local cafe, then take at look at the video below...

Here, the makers of the latest Carrie movie decided to take their special effects into a high street coffee shop and then proceeded to scare the wits out of the local poplace, by having 'Carrie' get angry and start throwing people up walls. Cue horrified reactions from the unsuspecting customers and lots of coffee spilt over the floors...

The books flying off the bookcase because of her screaming is quite comical when you're 'in' on the joke...

See the effects of a ton of special effects in your local cafe. View the coffee shop Carrie on YouTube

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