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How do you improve your staff productivity by 10% in the afternoons?

How many of you feel you work as efficiently in the afternoon as you do in the morning? How many of you get to mid afternoon and start to notice your concentration is not as good as it was first thing? Do you ever wonder why you get so tired in the afternoon when all you have done all day is sit at your desk?

Feeling sleepy - hydration is the key...

DATE POSTED: 15/03/2016

My explanation for this is not a lack of physical fitness or you getting hungry and running out of energy (sitting still is a very low calorie burner!). It will be because you haven’t drunk enough through the day.

For anyone who takes part in any form of sporting activity, you will be aware of the impact of not drinking enough before, during and after your endeavours. One thing that helps you when you are being energetic is your body tells you that you are thirsty as a result of perspiring. The signs are harder to spot in the office.

Office environments, generally speaking are not the most healthy of environments to be spending time in. Artificial lighting, air conditioning removing all the humidity from the air and the temperature a few degrees warmer than necessary because there is always one person in the office who likes it overly warm. The consequence of this is your body will be dehydrating as the day goes on. A 1% increase in dehydration can result in up to a 20% decrease in performance in the sporting world – translate that into the impact on your business...

So this afternoon, when you start to feel a bit flat or you start making more typing mistakes, treat yourself to an extra trip to the drink station and grab a cup of water or a hot drink to take back to your desk. To encourage your staff to stay hydrated, you will need to have both a good quality water cooler and a tempting range of hot drinks on offer.

If you think a small investment in your drinks offer is worth getting this increased productivity, call me for a conversation on what we have to offer.

Don't believe us? See this blog on what the medical profession think to hydration at work.

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