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Despite living in a coffee centric world, we are still a nation of tea drinkers

Over the last two decades we have enjoyed the relentless tide of growth of coffee shops in the UK. But what about tea?

DATE POSTED: 09/03/2016

We now have well over 15,000 coffee shops to choose from, you may prefer the security of one of the national chains or have a favoured local independent that makes a particularly good flat white using those lovely smooth Colombian beans.

And yet about half of the hot drinks consumed in the UK are not coffee, we are still a nation of tea drinkers. So where do you go to get a good cup of tea – especially at work?

One of the consequences of the coffee shop revolution is it has raised expectations of the standard of coffee we are served wherever we are. This is very prevalent in the workplace. Fortunately for coffee lovers, there are many really good ways of providing a good (or even great) cup of coffee. Yet most coffee solutions have an Achilles heel when it comes to making tea. The result is normally a messy box of tea bags by the side of the coffee station with a jar of lumpy sugar and a pint of milk you’re not too sure how long it has been left on the side. As about half of us prefer to drink tea over coffee, and most coffee drinkers will turn to the dark side mid afternoon this seems a little biased to one portion of the working population.

At Cotswold and Stateside Coffee we have a perfect solution to offer. Within the range of K-Cup® drinks offered by Keurig® there are 3 varieties of Twinings tea on offer – English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green Tea. So instead of that unsightly corner of your coffee station, you could have a stylish Keurig® brewer accompanied with a tidy carousel holding 27 K-Cups® with your full range of coffees, hot chocolate and teas.

We also have a solution for the milk as Keurig® are developing a small insulated canister for your milk. So no more mess, just a great cup of tea for those occasions you fancy a change from your normal outstanding coffee.

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