Cotswold's Coffee Beans - roasted to perfection


Cotswold Coffee Beans

Our best-selling coffee beans, each with their own distinct flavour and richness. Each bean has its own roast rating from one to five, so a lighter, Barista Blend coffee beans is rated 2 or 3, whilst the fuller flavoured beans like our Java or Espresso Beans are rated 5. All our beans are supplied in our oxygen free foil insulated packs in order to ensure every bean is fresh, and has a longer shelf life.

Cotswold Barista Blend Beans

Full bodied with rich, chocolately sweetness with a lingering aftertaste.
from £4.40 per pack

Cotswold Java Blend Beans

Rich toffee sweetness, hints of cocoa with soft fruit acidity and a fruity finish.
from £15.05 per pack

Cotswold Decaffinated Beans

Smooth and chocolatey, a sublime decaffinated light roast.
from £9.11 per pack

Cotswold Fairtrade Decaf Espresso Beans

Powerful and rich, with a hint of fruit and a rounded, mellow acidity.
from £9.74 per pack

Cotswold Cafe Fresco Beans

Spicy and intense 100% Arabica, with fruit acidity and a juicy finish.
from £8.20 per pack

Cotswold Espresso Beans

Powerful and rich, with a hint of fruit and a mellow acidity.
from £12.42 per pack

Lavazza Crema & Aroma Beans

Italian chic - mild and sweet body with a delicate after-taste.
from £14.60 per pack

Lavazza Supa Crema Beans

Light to medium body with hazelnut and sweet, fruity notes.
from £15.05 per pack

Lavazza Gold Selection Beans

Mellow, sweet tasting espresso. Medium roast with chocolate aftertaste.
from £16.86 per pack

Nestle Roma Beans

100% Arabica Beans, medium roasted yet full bodied.
from £13.75 per pack

Use your coffee beans wisely - get grinders and coffee machines from Cotswold

We have a number of grinders and machines for the small office or home use...

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Fracino Piccino

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